Information on the beneficial ownership of Malta-based companies will no longer be publicly available

Source: Records on the identity of the real owners of Malta-based companies will no longer be available to the general public, the business registry announced on Friday. In what has been described as a blow to transparency, the European Court of Justice this week “invalidated” an EU anti-money laundering directive that guaranteed public access […]

17 Tips How to Find the Right Accounting Firm for Your Malta Co.

Our core business activity is the formation, management, and day-to-day administration of Malta companies, which includes company administration, international tax planning advice, accounting, book-keeping, secretarial services, and audit support. Over the years, we have acquired and developed vast and in-depth knowledge and experience by assisting non-resident clients with their accounting and tax planning needs. After […]

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Malta removed from FATF grey list

We are thrilled to announce that Malta has been removed from FATF grey list. The decision was taken on Wednesday in a secret vote during a plenary meeting of the FATF in Berlin. Malta was placed under increased monitoring in June 2021, and after a series of reforms based on recommendations that came with the […]

Save the date! 2022 Malta Permanent Residency official introduction in Istanbul

2022 MALTA PERMANENT RESIDENCY (by investment) * OFFICIAL PROGRAMME INTRODUCTION Date: 25th of May 2022 Time: 9.30 to 13.00 and 14.00 – 17.00 Place: Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Cumhuriyet Caddesi Harbiye, Istanbul, Turkey *The MPRP is a straightforward residency-by-investment programme based on investments in property and government contributions. With the promise of a 4 to 6-month […]

Financial security for your business and family

Recently, some of the most common questions we’ve received from our clients include: “What does it take to open a bank account in one of the safe financial hubs, e.g. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, or Luxembourg?”; “How can I protect my assets and keep a number of eggs in different baskets?”; and, “How to buy gold straight […]

A Malta fiscal unit for a group of companies

A smart option that saves you time and money Deciding upon a trading vehicle structure and location is a key decision for every entrepreneur. Although there are many high-quality options available, a lot of people struggle to find the best corporate structure and suitable jurisdiction in which to set up their trading entity. One question […]

Why Choose Maltese Citizenship Through Investment

If you’re looking for the perfect location to set up your business and later obtain naturalisation through investment, Malta is one of the best options around. In this article, we’ll explain the many benefits of Malta as a place to help both you and your business thrive. Malta or Cyprus? Before 2021, it might have […]

Important tax amendments for Cyprus companies

On 9 December 2021, the Cyprus Parliament approved the expansion of the definition of corporate tax residency for Cyprus companies to additionally include the incorporation test. As per current law, a Cyprus company is considered a Cyprus tax resident if the management and control are exercised in Cyprus. With, the new law, and the introduction […]

G7 Global Tax Reform and What It Means for Malta

The Group of Seven (G7) rich nations have recently reached a landmark deal for the creation of a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. The tax rate would be used to target mainly the largest and most profitable multinational companies (“MNCs”) such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and discourage them from shifting profits and […]