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Case study from our practice

Meet Elena from Ukraine

Ukranian ex-pats, planning to move to Malta, have in mind not just serenity of Mediterranean as a relief from their current stressful life, but also a tax-friendly, politically stable environment with growing investment opportunities.

Elena, being a UK non-dom before, with loads of personal taxation uncertainties due to unstable and tense political situation (similar to the Ukranian experience, which she faced again in the UK), has considered moving her tax residency into another country. Cyprus was one of the options – but she could not risk again and abandoned this idea, while she was introduced to Malta non-dom alternative – Tax Residence Programme.

Resident non-doms are not subject to tax on foreign-sourced income that is not remitted to Malta and on foreign capital gains, whether remitted or not. Malta is stable and safe. That was an absolute relief for Elena! Moreover, being a business-minded person, she immediately realized how fast a real estate market grows in Malta, mostly thanks to ex-pats inflow.

Elena invested in local real estate straight away, to have a guaranteed ROI with time. Now Elena is absolutely settled and satisfied with her professional life, she could finally think of her private one. Elena has a stable ground under her feet for a perfect match and plenty of opportunities to offer to her kids.​​


1 Заключение договора

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2 Оформление и подача документов

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3 Проверка на благонадежность

Мы подаем Ваши документы в Международный Налоговый Департамент. Ваши документы проходят проверку и выносится положительной решение. Среди наших кейсов не было ни одного отказа.

4 Получение ВНЖ Мальты

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