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Case study from our practice

Meet Elena from Ukraine

When choosing Malta as their next home, Ukrainian expats not only have the serenity of the warm Mediterranean climate in mind, but also the notion of a tax-friendly, politically stable environment with growing investment opportunities.

Elena, previously a UK non-dom with loads of personal taxation uncertainties due to unstable and tense political situations (similar to her experience in Ukraine), considered moving her tax residency to another country.

Cyprus was one of her options, but as it is not a part of the Schengen Area, Elena decided in favour of Malta’s Tax Residence Programme.

Resident non-doms are not subject to tax on foreign-sourced income that is not remitted to Malta and on foreign capital gains, whether remitted or not.

Malta is stable and safe — which was an absolute relief for Elena! Moreover, as a business-minded person, she immediately realised how fast the real-estate market was growing in Malta, mostly thanks to the inflow of expats.

Elena immediately invested in local real-estate, to ensure a guaranteed ROI over time. She now feels absolutely settled and satisfied with her professional life and can finally focus on enjoying her personal one.


1 Service agreement signed

At our office or remotely.

2 Application and documents submitted​

We prepare full pack of the documents with apostille, if needed.

3 Due diligence check

An international due diligence exercise is carried out by the Inland Revenue Department and your application is approved. We’ve never experienced a rejection in this process.

4 Special Tax Status and Malta ID card granted

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