1st Step Solution Limited terms of use from January 28, 2020

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  3. Information requests can be sent through 1st Step Solution Limited website, via web inquiry or e-mail address: info@1step.eu
  4. Information requests should contain questions about the services 1st Step Solution Limited provides.
  5. The person performing the request or filling in information and upload documents undertakes to refrain from using 1stStep Solution Limited website or e-mail for an illegal or immoral purpose, including fraud, and sending illegal material.
  6. 1st Step Solution Limited warrants that requests received through website or e-mail will be usually answered within 24 hours, but not later than within 48 hours.
  7. The use of this Website, including sending requests through website or by e-mail or filling in information or upload documents, does not create any kind of partnership or 1st Step Solution Limited-client relationship. Requests and forms filling are not considered as orders before accepted by 1st Step Solution Limited.
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  9. 1st Step Solution Limited does not forward personal data received through website or e-mail to third parties without asking permission from data owner first.
  10. 1st Step Solution Limited will store personal data received through website or e-mail in its server for a maximum of five years from the date of the request including in cases where no order was placed.
  11. 1st Step Solution Limited will provide confidentiality for information received through website or e-mail and will not send this information to third parties.