Increasingly stringent due diligence tests mean that opening a bank account in a foreign country is a difficult and time-consuming process, with many applications being turned down.

1st Step’s considerable expertise and extensive network of international banking connections means that we are able to identify the right banking solutions for your business.

More than this, thanks to our extensive processes and exhaustive checks, we are able to offer a fee-refund guarantee that you will achieve a successful bank account opening (subject to you meeting minimum requirements).

Increasingly When selecting the right banking solution for you, we always consider:

  • The economic stability of the host country;
  • The reputation of the bank / payment platform;
  • The provider’s track record of service excellence;
  • The scale of the network of correspondent banks;
  • Friendly E-banking facilities;
  • The best fit for your business model.

Our service fees are €3,900 for bank account opening and €1,900 for payment platform account opening.

In order to maximise your chances of a successful account opening we must conduct a due diligence procedure to verify your eligibility. This important pre-screening process is conducted in complete confidence and in accordance with our strict client data management policies.

Because this work is a prerequisite for our service, the pre-screening fee of €300 is non-refundable. However, payment of this fee will count towards the total cost of the service fee if the due diligence process is successfully passed.

Fee refund guarantee

If your company has passed our due diligence process and we are still unable to open a bank account or payment platform for you, we will refund 75% of the service fee. However, thanks to our exclusive network we have a current success rate of over 89%.

Contact us now to discuss your specific circumstances and our experts will be happy to advise on the next steps you should take.

Pre-approval procedure

1st Step have excellent relationships with our network of banks and payment processors. We are an “approved introducer” to most of them, and operate in partnership to facilitate international banking arrangements for a wide range of corporations and high net worth individuals.

Although the final decision on granting banking facilities rests with the banks, our exclusive pre-approval procedure means that we save our clients time and money by providing a high level of certainty. Our current success rate for clients who pass our pre-approval is almost 90%.

1st Step’s mission is to make opening accounts faster, easier, and more certain than ever before.

Opening an overseas bank account requires clients follow our 10-step process:

  • Step 1: Client Questionnaire completed.    (Download Client Questionnaire from here)
  • Step 2: Online form completed.
  • Step 3: Pre-approval fee paid.
  • Step 4: Dedicated 1st Step Account Manager appointed.
  • Step 5: 1st Step evaluates your information and selects the best option for you.
  • Step 6: 1st Step pre-approves the suitability of the application and documents provided.
  • Step 7: 1st Step Account Manager contacts you for your approval for the chosen bank/payment processor.
  • Step 8: 1st Step submits your application file to the chosen institution.
  • Step 9: 1st Step Account Manager handles all further correspondence with the institution
  • Step 10: Your bank account will be opened

We then receive the relevant bank documents and these are sent to you by courier.

But at 1st Step we don’t just provide a product – we provide a 1st class service. Your 1st Step account manager will remain your primary contact for all further communications with the bank and ongoing maintenance of your account. The services of a signatory are also available to assist you with bank transactions.

Are you ready to open a bank account?

To begin the due diligence procedure we need the following documentation:

Upload documents

  • Filled Client Questionnaire
  • Company structure (free form)
  • Company documents (certificate of registration & memorandum and articles)
  • Certified copy of the shareholder’s, director’s, UBO passport
  • Certified copy of utility bill, less than 3 months old, confirming the residence address for: the shareholder, director, UBO
  • CV of UBO

We will answer your enquiry within 12 hours with a final quote for your approval.

Disclaimer: the final list of required documents for the application is subject to the bank / payment platform’s own due diligence requirements and responsibilities to follow applicable local, state and international standards. A 1st Step account manager will contact you in cases where additional documents are required.