Chasing Dreams in Golden Years: A Blueprint for Your Dream Retirement in Europe

Chasing Dreams in Golden Years: A Blueprint for Your Dream Retirement in Europe

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Indeed, retirement can be seen as a time to pursue dreams, explore new interests, and enjoy life and newfound freedom. However, it takes some efforts to plan, and you are the one, who could make expectations match the reality and start a new chapter of fulfilling years of your life with joy and confidence.

When deciding on a country for retirement, it’s important to think about what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Consider the cost of living, quality of life and healthcare, taxation, assets protection, seamless travelling, to ensure a comfortable retirement.

We are here to guide you, introducing one of the best programmes within European Union – Malta Retirement Programme (MRP). This is not only us, who calls Malta a perfect retirement destination:

MRP has been ranked as a top choice by WEF, the World Population Review, Blacktower Financial Group, Expat Financial, Stuff Travel, U.S. News, International Living and Live and Invest Overseas and many more reliable sources. 

Halt searching for better options, Malta offers the benefits that no other country in Europe will match within one residency programme. Here we go:

Open for all nationalities alike

This program was designed for individuals, including both EU and non-EU citizens, seeking to retire in Malta.

Favorable tax regime

You shall benefit from a flat tax rate of 15% on foreign income remitted to Malta, with a minimum tax liability of EUR 7,500 p.a. for the main applicant and EUR 500 for each dependent. Important to note, that pension should constitute at least 75% of that foreign income, remitted to Malta. 0% tax on foreign capital gains or wealth will become an additional bonus for those, who are looking for tax efficiency.

Flexible residency

The MRP allows you to reside in Malta while maintaining your tax status and does not limit your travelling at the same time. Unlike other European programmes that require retirees to spend a specific number of days in the country, MRP grants you freedom and expects you to spend a minimum of 90 days in Malta over a 5-year period. Live in Malta, travel around the Globe – this is truly your time to enjoy and deserved liberty.

English-speaking environment

Declaring English as one of the official language, Malta became a first choice for retirees from all English-speaking countries. This eliminates language barriers and simplifies social integration. 

Top quality of life

Malta consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life and level of happiness of its population. Malta boasts a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. The island enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, what makes the island a dream place for those retirees, who are looking for a warm, sunny and pleasant weather. 


With an almost zero crime rate, Malta is known for being one of the safest countries in the world and provides sense of security and peace of mind to its residents. 


Malta offers a high-quality healthcare system, with modern hospitals and clinics. The country has a strong reputation for its medical expertise and offers affordable healthcare services, including excellent public healthcare that retirees can also access. 

Cost of living

Compared to other EU countries, Malta has a relatively low cost of living with reasonable prices and this applies almost to everything: from groceries to real estate. Just furniture and automobiles are a bit on a high-end, due to island delivery costs.

History & Culture

With its rich history and diverse cultural influences, Malta offers retirees limitless opportunities to explore and appreciate European history and culture. From the prehistoric temples of Hagar Qim to the medieval walled city of silence, called Mdina, there is plenty to discover and enjoy. You won’t have a day to feel bored!


Malta is strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean, making it easily accessible for convenient travelling. The island is well-connected with regular flights to major cities in Europe. 


Retirement marks an opportunity to step into a new chapter of life that is uniquely yours. 

As you approach this significant milestone, envisioning and planning for your ideal retirement becomes paramount. It’s a time to cast your gaze beyond the horizon, to dream, and to craft a retirement journey that reflects your aspirations, passions, and the life you’ve always imagined.

In crafting your ideal retirement journey, remember that the canvas is yours to design, and the possibilities are as vast as the horizon. Dream boldly, plan wisely, and step into your retirement with the anticipation of turning your dreams into a vibrant and fulfilling reality. Your ideal retirement journey awaits, a masterpiece in the making, as you venture beyond the horizon into the realm of your dreams.

We are here to do the rest. Contact us today!

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