Hungary Residency by Investment: the Only Program in Europe Offering 10-year Residency in Just 21 Days, with Government-Backed Guaranteed Extensions and 100% Investment Reclaim

Hungary Residency by Investment: the Only Program in Europe Offering 10-year Residency in Just 21 Days, with Government-Backed Guaranteed Extensions and 100% Investment Reclaim

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Hungary, with its captivating history, lively culture, and prime spot in Central Europe, warmly welcomes you to explore its inviting residency program. Tailored to appeal to global investors and entrepreneurs, this program not only opens doors to the European Union (EU) but also brings along a wealth of additional perks.

Let’s delve into the Hungarian Residency by Investment program and all it has to offer!

Overview of the Program

The Hungarian Residency by Investment program allows non-EU nationals to obtain residency in Hungary through substantial financial contributions. This initiative aims to boost foreign investments, stimulate economic growth, and enhance the country’s global business connections.

Investment Options to Choose From:

To qualify for the Hungarian Residency by Investment program, applicants must fulfil certain financial criteria. However, you have a choice!

These are the primary investment options (subject to a full refund within 5 years):

  • Investment Funds: €250,000 into government-approved investment funds
  • Real Estate Investment: €500,000 to residential real estate (incl. at the construction phase)
  • Charity: €1,000,000 to state social projects and organizations

Include administrative fees and legal assistance as supplementary expenses.

Benefits of Hungarian Residency

Schengen Zone Access: visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, which includes 26 European countries.

Path to Citizenship: after eight years of continuous residency, investors and their families may be eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship, subject to meeting additional requirements such as language proficiency and integration.

Freedom of Movement and Stay: no obligation to live in Hungary, freedom to live anywhere globally and travel.

Favorable Tax Environment: 9% – one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, along with a range of tax treaties.

Flexibility: holding residency status in Hungary does not automatically subject you to Hungarian taxes. However, you have the option to become a tax resident if you reside in Hungary for more than 183 days a year or choose to apply for tax residency through the appropriate application process.

Residency Comes First: the only EU program where investments are made after obtaining residency.

Unprecedented Speed: the program boasts applications processed in a record- breaking 21 days, setting a new standard in the history of investment migration.

High Quality of Life: excellent healthcare, education, and a vibrant cultural scene. Cities like Budapest are renowned for their beautiful architecture, historical sites, and lively atmosphere.

Strategic Location: situated in the heart of Europe, Hungary serves as an ideal base for business operations, providing easy access to major European markets.

Application Process:

Straightforward, clear, and swift: we simplify the process for you in just 5 steps:

  1. Choose Investment Route
    Decide on the type of investment (real estate, investment fund or charity) that suits your financial, business, and personal interests.
  2. Prepare Documentation
    Collect the documents. We shall guide you all the way.
  3. We Submit Your Application
    along with the required fees and supporting documents
  4. Due Diligence Approval
  5. Obtain Residency Card
    once the permit is granted, you as a main applicant and your family members can obtain residency cards. Live, work, study in Hungary if you want to!

For those seeking to expand their global footprint, Hungary presents an attractive proposition with its blend of economic potential, financial stability, government support and cultural richness. Consider the distinctive aspects of the residency program that set it apart from any other in the EU.

Over 10,000 investors have already secured residency for themselves and their families, paving the way for future citizenship and a wealth of opportunities. Would you be the next one?

Contact us today for consultation, it’s free!

In July 2024, Hungary plans to announce new conditions (even better ones!) for the residency by investment program. Stay tuned for updates from 1Step.

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