Malta Business Registry to Remove 10,000 Inactive Companies from Registry

Malta Business Registry to Remove 10,000 Inactive Companies from Registry

Malta Business Registry has begun the extensive process of cleaning up the registry from inactive companies, and so far has removed 10,000 inactive companies.

Companies were taken off the list when they failed to file annual reports or accounts or did not give official ownership information.

Malta Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said the move was aimed at safeguarding Malta’s reputation by drastically reducing the number of inactive accounts. It was something which was long overdue, he added.

“In view of the Moneyval report, several worthy actions were taken by the MBR, in light of recommendations put forward by the same report,” he said.

However, the cleaning exercise, he said, was started long before the Council of Europe released its report on Malta last September, which highlighted 60 areas the government needs to improve on to meet international standards preventing money laundering.

“This is not a question of being superficial,” continued Schembri. “We have intensified the process and a sustainable investment was made into MBR’s portal which will be up and running in a few months’ time.”

The portal will operate using a blockchain system as well as AI to verify documents and the number of human resource employees has been bolstered by 40 per cent.

Schembri says the government has also invested in intelligent technologies which have access to data held by national and international authorities.
The idea is that all directors and shareholders of businesses will now be screened before being allowed to operate in Malta.

The aim is to stop money laundering and the potential financing of terrorism.

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