Why Choose Maltese Citizenship Through Investment

Why Choose Maltese Citizenship Through Investment

If you’re looking for the perfect location to set up your business and later obtain naturalisation through investment, Malta is one of the best options around. In this article, we’ll explain the many benefits of Malta as a place to help both you and your business thrive.

Malta or Cyprus?

Before 2021, it might have been a little hard to decide between these two. Both had very competitive programmes for naturalisation through investment.

However, in light of last year’s announcement that the Cyprus Government decided to terminate the Cyprus Investment Program, Malta has emerged as the clear and obvious choice for individuals wishing to obtain a passport and set their business up for success.

Why Malta?

Located in the Mediterranean, midway between Europe and Africa, the beautiful island of Malta is an excellent option for any business person looking to set up shop. Not only is it blessed with a year-round warm climate, it also carries excellent conditions, as well as many benefits for naturalised citizens.

Here are a few of the many benefits of life in Malta.

  • Top quality education for children.
  • Attractive personal and corporate tax systems.
  • It’s a member of the EU, Schengen and OECD.
  • It is a safe and stable environment in which to live, work, and raise children.
  • Malta has a good business climate.
  • All future generations will continue to hold Maltese Citizenship.
  • It has strong political support for entrepreneurs.
  • The Euro is the official currency.
  • English is the official language.

How to obtain Maltese Citizenship

The process for applying for Maltese citizenship is extremely straightforward.

1. Application

This can be handled in one of two ways:

  • Apply for citizenship after one year of Maltese residency, contributing €750,000
  • Apply for citizenship after 3 years, contributing €600,000

2. Eligibility check

Once your residency card is issued, the eligibility pack must be submitted within 12 months.

3. Due diligence

The government runs a due diligence check.

4. Passport application

To be submitted within 1 or 3 years of residency, depending on the residency option you choose.

5. Direct investment

Rent or buy property, or donate funds.

6. Citizenship

You’ll be granted citizenship and a certificate of naturalisation. For more information about the required documentation and specifics, please check our dedicated Maltese Citizenship by Investment webpage.

Take the 1st Step with us

Gaining a Maltese passport through investment can be made even more straightforward with support from our dedicated team.

If you’re interested in the Maltese naturalisation investment program, take the first step and get in touch with us today to book your free 15-minute consultation.