Malta to Introduce Venture Capital Fund for ‘Innovative’ Start-ups

Malta to Introduce Venture Capital Fund for ‘Innovative’ Start-ups

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Just like Estonia gave birth to Bolt, Sweden to Trustly, and England to Revolut, Malta must aspire to have its own successful start-up that puts the country on the map,” the economy minister Silvio Schembri said. 

The €10 million fund will support new ventures that cannot get commercial loan.

In Malta, there are several government grants and programs available to support innovative start-ups. These grants aim to foster economic growth, technological development, and innovation in various sectors. 

The venture capital fund is one of several measures aimed at start-ups. The idea is to support their development into successful companies. 

Brand new companies can also receive up to €10,000 to develop their ideas and up to €200,000 to cover salaries once a business plan is approved.

Companies can then apply for a grant of €400,000 of further assistance once they have a viable product.

And if the company has a digital focus or an alternative energy product, the grant goes up to €800,000.

It’s important to note that these grants have specific eligibility criteria and requirements that need to be met. Start-ups interested in applying for these grants should carefully review the guidelines and application processes provided by the respective entities offering the grants.

About Malta Start-up residency programme:

The Malta Start-up Residency Programme is a government initiative that aims to attract foreign entrepreneurs and start-ups to establish their businesses in Malta. The programme provides a three-year extendable residency permit to non-EU/EEA nationals who have an innovative business idea and are willing to establish their start-up in Malta. 

The programme is seen to attract talented entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups to Malta, bringing new ideas, investments, and business opportunities to the country. It also aims to create a vibrant start-up ecosystem and support the growth of the local economy.

The Malta Start-up Residency Programme has gained popularity among foreign entrepreneurs and has been successful in attracting start-ups from various sectors, including technology, fintech, healthcare, and digital innovation. It offers an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch and establish their businesses in a business-friendly and EU-accredited jurisdiction like Malta.

To be eligible for the programme, applicants need to have a minimum viable product, a business plan, and a financial commitment of €25,000 as a minimum share capital for their Malta Company. They also need to prove that their start-up has the potential to create jobs and contribute to Malta’s economic growth. Furthermore, applicants are required to have a valid passport, health insurance, and a clean criminal record.

Once accepted into the programme, start-up founders and their families can reside in Malta for a period of three years, with the possibility of extending their residency for the next 5 years, depending on the growth and success of their start-up. Residency also granted to core employees (annual earning not less than 30,000 €).

Participants also have access to a range of support services, including assistance with obtaining office space, networking opportunities, and access to funding schemes and grants.

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