Waiting for Tax Refund? Go for Fiscal Unit and Unlock Tax Efficiency at 5% Corporate Tax with Immediate Effect!

Waiting for Tax Refund? Go for Fiscal Unit and Unlock Tax Efficiency at 5% Corporate Tax with Immediate Effect!

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Waiting for your tax refund can feel like watching paint dry, especially when you’re eager to put those funds to good use. But what if you could unlock tax efficiency and enjoy a corporate tax rate as low as 5% right away? With Malta’s Fiscal Unit, you can do just that!

Why Wait for Tax Refund When You Can Act Now?

The traditional tax refund process can be slow and frustrating. But with the Fiscal Unit, you don’t have to wait around for your refund. You can immediately benefit from a corporate tax rate of 5%, putting more money back into your business where it belongs.

What is Fiscal Unit?

The Malta Fiscal Unit isn’t your typical corporate entity or a formal group of companies registered together. Instead, it’s a special tax arrangement—a bit like a superpower—for business owners who operate multiple companies (a minimum of 2). Instead of each company tackling taxes alone, they come together as a unified group, treated as one single taxpayer for tax purposes. This setup allows the group to tap into a range of tax benefits and incentives. And here’s the best one: you can immediately enjoy a low 5% corporate tax rate without the hassle of waiting for a tax refund to reclaim any overpaid taxes. It’s like getting a tax discount upfront, making the whole process smoother and more efficient.

Advantages of Choosing Fiscal Unit for Your Company:

Incredibly low tax rate: 5% – a music to any business owner’s ears! This competitive rate positions Malta as one of the most tax-efficient jurisdictions in the EU.

Huge cash flow advantage: no company funds are locked-in anymore and are now available for reinvestment or distribution.

Streamlined Process: Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times and paperwork. By opting for the Fiscal Unit, you simplify tax process and enjoy immediate tax benefits without the hassle.

Flexibility: a core of Fiscal Unit regime. You get to decide which companies you want to bring together to form a group. Whether you have two companies or more, foreign, or local, the choice is yours. But certain conditions still to be met.

How to Get Started with Fiscal Unit? Here’s what you need:

  • Minimum of Two Companies: you’ll need at least two companies to form a group for the Fiscal Unit: Parent and Subsidiary
  • Parent Company Requirements: your group must have a Parent Company, which can either be a foreign entity (if you already have a company outside of Malta) or locally registered in Malta. The Parent Company must hold at least 95% of the Subsidiary Company
  • Subsidiary Company Requirements: always local, with a registered Malta tax number and VAT. VAT registration is mandatory for starting any trading activity within Malta.

Take Action: don’t wait around for your tax refund when you can unlock immediate tax efficiency with Malta’s Fiscal Unit. With a corporate tax rate of just 5%, you can enjoy significant savings and financial flexibility from day one. Take control of your company’s finances and start maximizing your tax benefits today – contact us now!

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